Do we make our own (un)luck?

Today made me think a lot about my most unlucky day of the week. I hate Thursdays. I have hated them for many years. I've tried to figure out why and I believe that I have a theory. When I was in elementary school I was in a gifted children program. We met every day of the week except on Thursdays. On that day, we had to go to the regular reading class. I didn't mind that, except that it always seemed like the reading teachers wanted me to make up the entire week's work on that one day. Thursdays have been my most unlucky day ever since. The only thing more frustrating than being at work on a Thursday is not being at work on a Thursday. You can't take a long weekend and you have to go back to work for that one day before the weekend. It's like one giant tease. I am sure that you have heard all of the sayings about how we create our own luck. I don't buy into that premise 100%, but if we do in fact make our own luck, does that mean we make our own "unluck" as well? People talk about being unlucky. Is it a choice that we make? Is Thursday usually a tough day for me because I decide that it is?

The sad truth is that if you are reading this hoping that I am about to give you some great answer and insight and wisdom, I'm afraid that you are going to be disappointed. I have seen too much to figure out any absolute. I have seen people who have done everything that they can to work hard and prepare themselves fall down to bad luck while at the same time someone who couldn't care less find remarkably good fortune. I have also seen people power their way through bad luck to reach whatever success they want to achieve. So what do you think? Do we make our own "unluck"?

I do know this- my chances of winning the lottery increase dramatically if I buy a ticket.