Are you feeling old yet?

Some of you reading this blog are fairly young. Some of you reading it have a little more experience at life. All of you have already or will soon experience a moment in which someone makes you feel old. I mean ancient, ready for mummification, show up in history books, The Doctor thinks you're one of his parents old. It will not be pleasant. I experience this almost every day. Teaching middle schoolers is a challenge that I love, but they have no concept of age. One of my first years teaching I had students guess my age. They guessed about 45-50. I was 21 and looked like I was 17! I've started seeing toys I played with as a child show up in antique stores. I was born the same year as the original Star Wars movie was released, and it's now referred to as "Classic!"

So when faced with these assaults on our youth, do we just sit back, turn on daytime television and wait for our social security to begin? That depends on whether that is what you want to do. I have known many who were elderly, honestly elderly, that I could not keep up with their level of activity. I have known teenagers that had slugs call them lazy. I'm not saying you're as old as you feel. I'm saying that you're as old as you want to be. Some people want more maturity, some people want to hold onto youth. Don't let other people's observations and limits define your age. I can be an old fogey and a little kid in the same moment. It's loads of fun.

By the way, "Classic" Star Wars rocks! Don't argue. Just accept it.

Also, if you recognize the style of the featured image, it says nothing about your age. Some cool things never become uncool.

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