A quick word on research for your writing


This week I made a quick vlog while I was out and about taking part in one of my hobbies. The video is about the importance of research. Now I will admit that researching online and through books is incredibly important. It really gets you familiar with the subject that you are researching. However, nothing can take the place of actual experience. Remember, you are a writer. The idea is to bring the experience to life in the readers' imaginations. You can only do that if you try to get out of your house and take part, in some way, in the activity you are writing about. I know that this isn't possible for a lot of things in stories, but do it for everything that you can. There are a million tiny details that you pick up along the way that can really make a difference between a good story and a great story. So get up and out whenever you can find the time and look for those things that will really bring your writing to life. [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=74DaZP8ks6U]