What are we waiting to write for?

This weekend my family and I took a short trip to a museum in west Tennessee. Part of the museum includes a tower that allows you to look out over a fairly impressive distance. I've been suffering from sinus problems lately, so my main thoughts while I was in the tower dealt with how dizzy I felt while that high up. Once we returned home, I got the chance to look at the pictures I had taken while up there and appreciate them without equilibrium issues. I loved them. Maybe I'm easily impressed, which is likely, but I looked at these pictures and realized that there is so much there that could be written about. Between the museum's outdoor exhibits and the surrounding landscape, it was a beautiful sight, and I realized how much people have a responsibility to share that beauty with the rest of the world. Some do it through art. Some pass it on one person at a time through their charisma and ability to share experiences. I try to pass on the history and beauty to each class full of students that passes through my room. As writers, we should be sharing it through our prose. Take a look at the pictures, or take a look around you. The world is there, just waiting to be shared with those that might not be standing by your side. Give them something to amaze them. If you can't show them a picture taken through a camera, paint them a picture created by your words. If you are facing some writer's block right now, look around you and ask, "What am I waiting for?" IMG_0948IMG_0947IMG_0946IMG_0943

*Thanks to Discover Park of America for the great experience*